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Antennas are the gateway to wireless transmission, embrace your inner E&M and view our antenna A to Z database.

Don't Let Simulations Overwhelm you

Simulations can be difficult to set up correctly. Use some of our insights into setting up your simulation correctly the first time.

Best Layout Practices

Layout is art mixed with science. We have learned several good "rules-of-thumb" that we would like to share with you.

Understanding Bit Error Rate

Bit Error Rate (BER) is the basic metric behind every type of digital radio communication. Learn what you can from us and our experience with different communication standards.

Basics of Radio Electronics

What is a radio made up of? How does IQ modulation work? Why should I care about QAM and MIMO? These questions and many more answered.

Open Source RF Resources, and Products

Antenna A-Z Database

Antenna A-Z Database
We are slowly putting together a comprehinsive list of many different useful antennas and their general performance characteristics. Got an antenna question, check this out!

RF System Design

RF System Design
Friis is not always the path loss model which should be used. MIMO is is easier said than done. Mixing Spurs Matter and can be avoided. And much more...

EM Simulation

EM Simulation
EM Simulators can be hard to setup. We have created several videos to explain how to use many of the industry standard simulation suites.

RF Layout Guidelines

RF Layout Guidelines
Guidelines we like to follow when laying out RF boards.

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MicrowaveTools is an online learning community, RF store, and consulting firm. MicrowaveTools started as a design services center and grew into a place for us to share our knowledge of microwave theory and design. This website offers different microwave tools, tips, and programs which help provide the knowledge and tools necessary for many different RF systems and sub-systems. Our site is run as an open source platform under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Open Hardware

MicrowaveTools is a company which offers open source hardware and training tools under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0. We have spent years putting together the tools, designs, and training material which is available on this site. If you would like to add to our material, please contact us.

Consulting Services

MicrowaveTools Inc. had its humble beginnings in design and consulting services. MicrowaveTools has provided a wide variety of consulting services for many different international customers. Some of our current and previous clientele include: Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL), Harris, Oracle (Sun Microsystems), Tektronix, United States ARMY, and Zee Entertainment Enterprises (Dish TV). More information regarding our consulting services is available here.


We currently offer several different RF systems and sub-systems. If you are interested in a specific pre-built product, check out our product page.
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