Antenna A-Z

MicrowaveTools has begun to put together a toolkit of several different antennas, with 3D graphics and important information about each antenna type. The antenna pages have information pertaining to the size, gain, and bandwidth of the antenna; as well as graphics describing the antenna shape and pattern with details regarding how to design each antenna.

Calculators for Electromagnetic Analysis

We are building up a wide range of electromagnetic calculation tools which can be used to determine the parameters of an antenna, path loss models, and other useful tools.

List of all calculators on the MicrowaveTools website
Calculators page with pictures and short descriptions

General Design Guidelines

We have laid out hundreds of RF boards and learned many tricks along the way.  See our guideline to laying out high frequency boards.

RF Layout Guidelines

Sometimes when in an interview or sitting down with a potential customer it is good to have a handful of tricks which can be used to determine what may be feasible and what is not. See some of our quick tips and tricks for microwave engineering.

Quick RF Tips for General Reference