MicrowaveTools started as a team of engineers working to bring low cost custom hardware to the United States Armed Forces. In many situations the price of hardware varies by more than 10x when delivered to two different customers. MicrowaveTools wanted to change how a service, or product, is provided by offering our services at a constant price and quality. Our goal is to provide products and services to any company or agency at a consistent cost. We do our best to layout what the costs are, and possible solutions to reduce to total cost while maintaining quality and functionality.

We have worked with many companies, delivering a multitude of different solutions including custom: Antennas, Filter networks, Low Noise Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, and Radio Solutions.

We appreciated the speed, quality, and price at which the system was delivered… – Geosystems India

…the custom LNA lossless cable system has been working without indecent for 2 years. Would it be possible to order… – Air Force Research Laboratory

The filter network met or exceeded all required specifications …¬† – ¬†United States Army