MicrowaveTools has the design experience to bring any RF idea to reality.  We offer consulting services in many different areas.


  • General analog and RF consultant services.
  • Design of custom RF and analog electronics.
  • Design, implement, and code custom microprocessor and DSP solutions for your product.
  • Turn nearly any idea into a product.
  • Manage prototype to production, reducing prototype cost and complexity.
  • Layout printed circuit boards with 3D pototypes and full 3D RF simulation.
  • Build, test and debug a prototype.
  • Aid with manufacturing and production issues.
  • Design test software for your small-volume production needs.
  • Analyze, debug, and simulation of existing designs.


If you have questions about what we can provide to you, please contact us for more information.
  • Muhammad Reshail Raza Iftikhar

    what is the source of equations used in designing the pyramidal horn antenna.Can you please provide these.I really need them for my Final year project.
    My email address is