Pyramidal Horn Calculator

This calculator calculates the optimal dimensions of a Pyramidal Horn:

Aperture Fed Pyramidal Horn Parameters

Pyramidal Horn Parameters

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  • Moazzam Loynmoon

    Dimensions are in inches, meters ?

    • Dhrumil

      In meters

      • Aseel Y. Abu Hasanain

        meters or mm ?

  • Aseel Y. Abu Hasanain

    the dimensions of the waveguide(a,b) standards originally ?
    or what ? why here calculated?

  • Qamar Alam

    what is the value of P_H and P_E at gain value of less then 10db, why these field become blank for e.g 2DB gain

    • Qamar Alam

      at 2DB gain the value of p_e is less then the value of a1/2, which is not expected as p_e is diagonal of a right angle triangle and a1/2 is perpendicular of the same